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The Innovative Northstar in-floor ramp from VMI is one of the easiest to use, most accessible mobility solutions in the world. Your customers will enjoy a host of premium features and benefits the simply cannot be found on fold-out ramps.

The intelligent and refined Access360 conversion sets a new standard for wheelchair-accessible minivans, providing owners with maximum access to life. Access360 is more than just extra space to maneuver; it’s a lifestyle choice you can offer your customers. It is the latest, most advanced mobility design that grants its users freedom, confidence, ease and reliability like no other mobility product on the market today.


Access360 is the culmination of VMI’s years of expertise and our close partnership with Toyota in the development of a ground - breaking product. Access360 conversions are highly differentiate to set your dealership and VMI apart in an industry where ease-of-use is so vital to customer independence.

Floor Space

11% more interior floor  space than the leading competitor’s conversion.

Floor Length

12” longer lowered floor than any other Toyota Sienna Conversion.

Door Height

Industry - Best 57” door opening height fits wheelchair users of nearly any height.

Ground Clearance

5.5” minimum ground clearance reduces likelihood of under-vehicles damage.

Interior height

Industry - Best 61.8” interior height at center position.

A full 30” wide ramp with 800lb capacity accommodates the largest power chairs

The ramp fully stowed under the vehicle floor

PowerKneel lowers the vehicle to reduce ramp angle, making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle

Standard on all Northstar conversions, SureDeploy allows users to easily stow and deploy  the in-floor ramp even in the event of a complete power failure

Removal and replacement of the front seats is simple. Both seats use quick-release straps for removal plus a foot pedal and error-proof alignment features for easy installation.

One-touch control via the keyfob, halo-lit dash button or Toyota sliding door buttons deploys or stows the ramp system. VMI conversions seamlessly integrate with OEM vehicle electronics

Engineered for noise minimization providing interior sound quality similar to an unconverted Toyota Sienna

A conversion power switch can disable all conversion features for guest drivers and allows them to open sliding doors for able-bodied passengers without deploying the ramp.

The front row floor is free of obstacles to accommodate wheelchairs of almost any size in the driver and front passenger areas.

A standard fold-down footrest offers additional comfort for passengers seated on the rear bench

Northstar features:

  1. • A ramp that stows under the floor, creating more room for wheelchair maneuverability

  2. • An obstruction-free doorway that allows passengers to enter and exit the vehicle without deploying the ramp

  3. • A full 30” wide ramp with 800lb capacity accommodates the largest power chairs

  4. • No interference with factory seats or controls

  5. • Clean, uncluttered vehicle interior

  6. • Greater safety in the event of a collision

  7. • Reduced conversion wear

  8. • Simple and reliable operation

  9. • No squeaking or rattling from ramp

Accommodates large power chairs thanks to:

  1. 750lb capacity

  2. 28.9” ramp width

  3. 54.5” ramp length

  4. 9.0º ramp angle

  5. 2” high ramp side rails

Vantage Mobility’s most advanced fold-out ramp, the Summit is stronger than ever with stainless steel ramp hardware and FLEX Floor E-coating that resists corrosion. The Summit Access 360 conversion offers your customers ease-of-use superior to that of any other Toyota Sienna fold-out ramp conversion, but with a price that appeals to budget-conscious import buyers. The Summit Access360 conversion for the Toyota Sienna is ideal for customers in large power chairs who need additional space for maneuverability as well as tall individuals who need additional door opening and interior height. A 3-year/36,000-mile conversion warranty  provides customers added peace of mind.

A)  Door Opening Height

B)  Door Opening Width

C)  Interior Height At Center Position

D)  Interior Height At Driver/Passenger Position

E)  Length (From Back Of Seat To Kickplate)

F)  Overall Floor Length

G) Floor Width At B Pillar

H) Floor Width At Front Doors

I) Ramp Length (Angled Ramp & Transition Plate)

J) Usable Ramp Width

   Maximum Floor Drop

   Ramp Angle With PowerKneel On

   Ramp Capacity

57 Inches

30.5 Inches

61.8 Inches

60.5” w/o sunroof

58.25 w/sunroof

65.5 Inches

95 Inches

61.5 Inches

60.3 Inches

58.75 Inches

30 Inches

14 7/8 “

8.5 Inches

800 Pounds

We are a one stop shop located in Bridgewater Massachusetts. We provide our customers with access to the custom fitment, service and repair of all the leading mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles. We specialize in installing hand/foot controls and devices that can offer greater freedom and independence. We have a team of Certified Mobility Consultants who are always ready to help properly fit you to your new (or existing) handicapped accessible vehicle.We specialize in proper fitment of important features such as transfer seats. We carry brand names such as Chrysler/DodgeFordHondaToyota and keep a selection of new and used vehicles in stock and we accept trade in vehicles as well. All of our mobility vehicles offer tie downs and other important safety features as well as the ability to be easily upgraded with EZ Locks and other equipment.

We are a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Whenever you contact one of our Certified Mobility Consultants, you can rest assured that you are contacting a professional team member who will always offer the highest quality service in the business. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry and always provide our customers with the best service possible. Veteran’s are eligible for special benefits; we work directly with the Veterans Administration and Paralyzed Veterans of America.

We understand what your needs and desires are. Contact us today for a demonstration on what our vehicles and equipment can offer to help make your life more mobile and convenient. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions and will gladly take the time to discuss the handicapped accessible vehicles and options that you feel might be the best fit to meet and fulfill your mobility needs. We will even come to you, demonstrating our vehicles at your home or place of work.

We’ve been servicing and installing mobility equipment like hand controls, zero effort steering, servo steering systems, servo gas brake, and left foot gas pedals for more than 25 years.

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